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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

2022 saw the 30th anniversary of the JCK Jewelery Show hosted in Las Vegas. Hosted at The Venetian, for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jewellery show came back to life with an in person show, hosting 20,000+ attendees. Knowing there would be lots of jewelery professionals looking for an exciting, long awaited few days with their colleagues, RX Global were looking for ways to incorporate fun experiences into the show.

Working with RX Global we were able to create 5 different photo themed experiences to be installed across the 3 day experience;

Music Video Booth

Attendees stepped up to our studio and the Xi videographer directed them to act out their music video dreams by performing as their favourite artists. From air-guitars to mic-drop poses, we saw it all! The best part? As each user left, they got to take away a 30s JCK branded music video to share with everyone they knew! Magazine


A nod to the iconic JCK magazine released every year, attendees could use our booth to put themselves on the front cover becoming a cover star for the day! Social Wall We installed a large LED screen at the centre of the expo hall that showed content from a curated hashtag and from our various photo experiences around the event. All users had to do was upload their personally curated content to social media using a specially created hashtag that would land them on the big screen.

Member Ribbon Booth

Folks grabbed a ribbon to show how long they have been coming to the JCK show then snapped a picture at our booth. The final photos created a mosaic revealing the 30th anniversary of the event showing the history of the show and its popularity over the years.

Afterparty Slo-Mo Booth

Attendees of the JCK Afterparty were able to show off their moves in slo motion with our easy-to-use booth. Striking their best poses each user would have their moves slowed down and cut to a short clip that could be downloaded using a QR code for them to take away and share across their social accounts.

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