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QR: the Eco-Friendly Experiential Marketing Upgrade

Written by Caitlin Collins

Here at Xi, we’re all about making event marketing fun and as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we’ve been leveraging RFID wristbands to enhance user experiences at popular events such as conferences, sports tournaments and festivals.

We all know that RFID tools greatly enhance the collection of extensive attendee information, helping smooth event entry and access right from the get-go.

While wristbands with RFID technology are fantastic for promoting and monitoring user engagement in event and experiential campaigns, there are a few significant issues:

  • RFID chips on paper wristbands tend to be unreliable.
  • High-quality RFID bands can be expensive to procure.
  • One-time plastic wristbands generate an enormous amount of waste.

Enter our Eco-Friendly Alternative – QR Codes

In a digital format, users can access a unique dashboard via a web URL, which they can simply scan, and voilà – they’re in and having fun!

For younger users (who are ‘linked’ to a parent or guardian’s registration) QR codes can be provided either as reliable paper wristbands or printed as small stickers. These QR codes can be stuck on re-usable wristbands or lanyards, allowing for easy scanning to personalise games or photos.

For guests? Welcome to a streamlined, self-serve system.

For event organisers? Meet the hassle-free guest management and monitoring solution.

The cherry on top? These paper-based solutions are fully recyclable. They provide the same functionality as RFID chips but without the environmental concerns. Xi has been introducing this eco-friendly option to clients dedicated to elevating their experiences while reducing their environmental impact.

Interested in elevating your next event? Shoot us a message!

Let’s chat about how our activations and environmentally friendly wristband options can take your event experience to the next level.