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Written by Niki Tatalia

Keeping the #interactiverevolution alive, we are back with a brand new edition of Xi insights. In this edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting experiences, innovation and cultural insights guaranteed to get you excited to experience something new!

Celebrities taking over the streets of London? Well this isn’t something new except this time celebrities’ holograms made an appearance instead, at Tower Bridge. Londoners and tourists had the opportunity to experience first hand the new Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2024 collection with the famous super model Gisele Bündchen showcasing pieces of the collection alongside many other well known celebrities. The technology is crafted to work in a range of weather conditions and to adapt to lighting.

Hugo Boss going digital

Drones are the way to make a statement. To celebrate the arrival of the new Samsung S24 , Samsung lit up the London skyline with an amazing drone show. Solars, stars as well as spaceship shaped drones left everyone in awe as they were hovering over Canary Wharf. The drone display, which was one of the biggest ever in the UK, was orchestrated by drone light show specialist Celestial which partnered with the Taylor Herring and St Marks’ Studios agencies.

Drone show for S24 launch

The time has come where AI is entering the military across various sectors with North Korea developing artificial intelligence in their military technology, which could create international threats. The AI advancements and foreign collaboration could lead to sanction violations and leaked information, the report stated.

North Korea Using AI 

Ellon Musk might be proving the conspiracy theorists right with his claim that his Neuralink company has successfully implanted one of its wireless brain chips in a human. Yes you heard that right. This amazing tech is supposed to connect human brains to computers in order to help with a variety of complex neurological conditions.

Implanted wireless brain chip

Apple’s latest and very anticipated Vision Pro product has launched and it is supposed to be the most important product launched by apple this decade. With a price of $3,499, this headset is studded with cameras and sensors.

Apple Vision Pro



Until next time,The Xi Gang xx