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3 IN 1 Back To School

Written by Niki Tatalia

With this back to school edition, our 5in1 became 3 in 1! With this upgraded version we will be able to dive into each idea deeper and expand on each subject further in only 60 seconds!

In this month’s 3in1 we are going back to school. Here our team at Xi is giving you 3 Back to School ideas that will make your little ones super excited for the new school year!

1. Personalised Ai Book Cover

Unleash your inner author and embark on a personalised literary journey like never before! Step into our experiential activation and strike a pose as you become the protagonist of your chosen book theme. Then, let your creative spirit soar as you opt for an illustration style that resonates – from the dreamy strokes of watercolour to the bold lines of ink drawing, the gritty allure of charcoal, or the whimsical charm of crayon. Watch with awe as the app’s AI brings your vision to life, crafting a personalised book cover that’s uniquely yours. 

2. Interactive Maths Quiz

Embark on an exhilarating mathematical adventure that challenges your intellect and rewards your skills! Navigate through our store, where three digital stations await your problem-solving prowess. Crack the code of each math puzzle to unlock the gateway to the next, embracing the thrill of unlocking new challenges as you go. Then you get to step onto the leaderboard, where your mastery positions you for a chance to win an enticing shop voucher. It’s not just a journey through numbers – it’s your path to victory and a coveted prize.

3. Doodle Wall

Unleash your artistic flair in a captivating journey of creativity! Select your brush size and pick from an array of vibrant colors, then let your imagination run wild as you doodle a masterpiece within the square canvas. Submit your email details, and watch in awe as your creation joins a vibrant tapestry of doodles on our digital wall, a testament to your creative spirit. But that’s not all – a digital version of your doodle is yours to cherish, ready to be shared across your favourite social channels, spreading your artistic brilliance far and wide. 


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