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7- December-2022

3 IN 1 Family Fun Activations Edition

Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Our 5in1 became 3 in 1! With this upgraded version we will be able to dive into each idea deeper and expand on each subject further in only 60 seconds!

For our first 3in1 we are bringing you 3 fun family activation ideas perfect for events and gatherings that will elevate family quality time. So, throw on a some sun screen and grab the kids, today we’re talking about Family Fun Activations.

1. Music Bot 

Can you beat the Music Bot? Move through the steps and build your own track by layering audio – from drum beats to synths and vocals. Next, your choices generate a script that plays the graphic dance move instructions on screen for you to follow along – while you get recorded with themed brand graphics. To upgrade the experience, add a 3D camera to track the user’s movements. Follow along correctly to gain points. It’s like dance dance revolution, but for 2023

2. Fancy Dress Parade

Roll up and join Fancy Dress Parade! Using hand gestures to control the camera interface, choose your favourite combination of hat, outfit and accessories in AR before taking a photo or video. The content then gets added to a large format LED wall for an ongoing parade of festival goers for all to see, and join in themselves!

3. Sticker Book

Join the interactive treasure hunt – complete with a sticker book.  Set out at 5 locations around the event, users will have to find and unlock each station using a QR code on their mobile. Creating 5 pieces of fun, branded content, each featuring you and your family, fill up your sticker book to take home, and download your digital content to share. The kids will love it!

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