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5 IN 1 Summer EDITION

Written by Georgia Evans

Get your sweatbands out because Sports Day is here! Getting excited for the summer has inspired this months 5 in 1 focus; Sports Day! These 5 next ideas will guarantee to bring the fun into your summer activities. So take a deep dive and keep reading this summer edition of our 5in1!

1. Summer Blockbusters poster

With the power of AI technology, we bring your ultimate summer blockbuster poster to life. Users can strike a pose in front of a green screen and let our advanced AI technology transform you into the hero of an epic summer blockbuster. Take center stage amidst a backdrop of jaw-dropping action and visual effects and take a printed memento of your personalised film poster.

2. Sports Shoe Designer

Step into the world of athletic footwear and let your imagination run wild with our Sports Shoe Designer. Choose from a vast palette of vibrant colours, materials, logos and artwork that match your unique style and personality. Watch in awe as our app transforms your design into a stunning digital animation, showcasing every detail of your custom-made shoe. Get ready to walk with confidence in a pair of shoes that truly reflect your individuality!

3. Ice cream generator 

Take a mouthwatering journey through the world of frozen delights with our revolutionary Ice Cream Generator. Answer questions about your preferred flavour profiles. Based on your answers, our innovative algorithm will work its magic, conjuring up a brand-new ice cream flavour tailored to your liking. You can then give your creation a unique name and strike a pose with your ice cream whilst you indulge in a scoop of pure joy, crafted exclusively for you!

4. Surf Game + photo

Dive into the thrilling world of surfing with our groundbreaking Surf Game Activation. Using advanced 3D camera and body tracking technology you’ll be able to ride the virtual waves like a pro! How does it work? Users can control an onscreen character in the vast ocean, using their body movements to navigate through the exhilarating surf game. They can also collect prizes along the way that will add an extra level of excitement to their virtual surfing adventure. 

5. Wish ai was here postcard

Get ready to embark on a virtual journey that will transport you to the most breathtaking locations around the world with our “Wish AI Was Here” Postcard experience. With engaging questions that will help build the perfect text prompt; capture the magic of your customised holiday backdrop and take home a printed postcard as a tangible memento of your dream getaway. Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities and create memories that will last a lifetime!


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