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7- December-2022

5 IN 1 Coachella EDITION

Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Are you excited for this year’s Coachella? This month our 5 in 1 focus is about the one and only ultimate music festival! For that we have some amazing brand new Coachella inspired digital activation ideas that will help you experience any music festival like you haven’t before..! These 5 next ideas will guarantee to elevate not only Coachella but any music festival approaching this summer that will take your experience to the next level!

1. TikTok Lip Sync Battle

Let’s go viral on TikTok with our TikTok Lip Sync Battle. A great way to utilize this popular social media platform to engage audiences and create buzz around any event. Festival-goers can lip sync to their favourite songs and showcase their creativity and personality by dancing to their favourite beat. Users can then post the videos on TikTok using a unique festival hashtag.  Brands can even offer prizes to the best performances. 

2. Stage Dive Foam Pit – Slow Mo

Jump in and Slow it Down. Visitors can jump into the ball pit and experience a slow-motion video recording of themselves diving in. By using our high-speed cameras you will be able to capture the moment in slow-motion to add excitement and create a more unique experience overall. Users will be able then download their unique content via a QR code and share on social media.

3. 360-degree video booth

Experience Coachella Like Never Before! Create a 360 degrees video booth that allows festival-goers to capture their experience in a unique way, by shooting a video while being suspended in the air on a harness, or spinning around on a rotating platform. Add in video effects such as slow-mo and boomerangs to produce the piece of content that will wow everyone.

4. Virtual Meet-and-Greet with Artists

Bring the world’s hottest artists to your screen with our virtual meet-and-greet. Create a virtual meet-and-greet experience that allows fans to take a photo or video with their favourite artist. Using pre-recorded footage of artists interacting with the fans , guests can pose with their favourite idol.

5. Virtual Reality DJ Booth

Experience the ultimate music journey with our Virtual Reality DJ Booth. The activation allows festival-goers to experience what it’s like to DJ at a music festival. The booth can include interactive controls that allow users to mix and manipulate music tracks in real-time.

Looking for help in creating exciting music festival experiences this summer? Drop us a message today!