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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

You know how much we love the #interactiverevolution which is why we’re back with our first #xiinsights of 2022. In this edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting experience, innovation and cultural themed insights guaranteed to get you excited for the year ahead…

This February to coincide with the launch of David Attenborough’s ‘The Green Planet’, a Green Planet AR experience is coming to the heart of London. The experience, hosted by a virtual David Attenbrough, will guide visitors around a tropical rainforest atmosphere giving them the chance to navigate through 6 AR worlds, encountering fascinating species along the way.

David Attenborough guided experience in the heart of London

Marking the 25th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise, heading to London’s famous Camden Market next year, Tomb Raider Live is set to open in April 2022 providing a fully immersive experience. Users have the chance to take part in their own gripping quest joining Lara Croft on the trail to hunt down ancient treasure in teams of 8.

Tomb Raider Live – an immersive experience

Google’s latest AI tool, Chimera Painter, uses machine learning to turn basic sketches into fascinating monsters. Users can make a rough draft of a monster they want to create and the technology transforms it into a fully animated 3D drawing. The goal with Chimera was to create a paintbrush that acted more like an assistant than a tool, and aims to reduce the amount of time necessary to create high-quality art.

Turn your doodles into animated monsters

ABC doc is a newly launched app in Germany, designed to help interpret and translate important documents for those who aren’t entirely fluent and literate in the language the document has been written in. The app analyses the document to provide a short summary and suggested response to make it easier for the user to understand the purpose of the letter, and even has a virtual assistant incase summaries aren’t clear.

Summarise important bureaucratic documents with AI

With many now returning to the office, Immersive Sound are looking for ways to save the open office plan and turn it into an attractive environment that drives productivity and heightens the mood. Office design companies have been exploring the use of immersive sound and tonalities that incorporate a range of biophilic notes to evoke certain emotions. How do you feel about working in a sound driven office?

Returning to the office sounds like this…

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