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Written by Georgia Evans

Keeping the #interactiverevolution alive, we are back with a brand new edition of Xi insights. In this edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting experiences, innovation and cultural themed insights guaranteed to get you excited to experience something new!

Who loves ”Hamilton”? Then this is for you. Hamilton has teamed up with gaming company Super League to create an immersive, interactive digital experience called ”Hamilton Simulator”. Incorporating aspects of the hit musical such as settings and music, this experience will bring the American history to life. Gamers can unlock various characters from the musical and take them through iconic locations to defeat enemies and progress into the next stage of the game.

Hamilton goes digital with Super League

The world of football, gaming and culture came together for the fist EA SPORTS FC 24 at the first ever FC Clubhouse in Amsterdam to celebrate the new era of The World’s Game, Electronic Arts Inc. This event reflected the EA SPORTS’ using technology and design to create brand experience like no other before. Some of the main attractions included a face to face digital experience with EA SPORTS FC 24 cover star Erling Haaland, blurring the lines between the physical and digital in a variety of innovative ways.

Immersive EA SPORTS FC Brand Experience

After the success of the Van Goh Experience in London, a Monet Immersive Art Exhibition is opening this September. This multi sensory, interactive experience will showcase and educate visitors about Monet’s life, career and background, taking them on an unbelievable journey through the genius mind of Monet, with a 360º digital projections and a unique virtual reality experience.

The Monet Immersive Art Exhibition

Have you ever thought of a way to help stroke survivors walk again independently? Here we present the ”NeuroSkin” trousers. This AI technology is connected to the electrodes and worn in a vest. Julie Lloyed, a 65 year old stroke victim, was able to feel safe again and complete the number of repetitions necessary to help regain her walking ability, with the help of the high-tech trousers powered by AI . This is a very promising technology for many stroke survivors in Wales, which is around three-quarters of whom have some paralysis.

Innovative high-tech trousers help stroke patient to walk

A new, unique and more affordable hearing aid option is out and it is called TranscribeGlass. This gadget can be attached to any eyeglass, transforming it into a display that projects subtitles in real time using speech to text recognition technology. Users can also select the preffered language and font size. This AR technology is great not only for those with hearing loss but also for those who need real time subtitles in various situations.

Real-time subtitles with TranscribeGlass

AI is changing the world and with that comes concerns about emissions associated with warehouses full of computers powering AI systems. This is where a prototype ”brain-like” chip comes into play. This ”brain-like” chip could help make artificial intelligence more energy efficient by using memristor that are analogue and can store a range of numbers similarly to the way human brain works achieving remarkable performance while consuming little power.

‘Brain-like’ chip promises greener AI



Until next time,The Xi Gang xx