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Written by Niki Tatalia

Keeping the #interactiverevolution alive, we are back with a brand new edition of Xi insights. In this edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting summer festival experiences, innovation and cultural themed insights guaranteed to get you excited to experience something new!

Experience a world full of fashion and design with the new upcoming Intelligent by Design Ai Exhibition in London. Aida is a new fashion design assistant, which has already been used by several designers and brands around the world. This new technology will be on show for all the attendees to see and experience, alongside other innovations.

Fashion x AI

If  you always wanted to meet Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, and ask him some heart burning questions, well here is your chance. The Home of the Cowboys introduced the  ”Meet Jerry Jones – An Interactive Experience” which uses AI to power a hologram version of the billionaire to answer questions for fans.

Ai – powered Jerry Jones Hologram

New York Fashion Week was a success and one particular brand that stood out was Collina Strada. The designer Hillary Taymour and the team used AI to help with the creation of the upcoming Spring Summer 2024 collection. This is the first time a brand admits to the use of AI. Not only AI helped to create the clothing collection but also helped ensuring the materials are recyclable and made from dead stock.

Collina Strada unveils Ai- Created collection at fashion week

Getting stuck in traffic? Well what if we told you that soon this might be a thing of the past?  With a Bay Area start-up testing the first ever flying car that it’s fully electric powered and street legal, we might be stepping into the future sooner than we thought we would. Alef’s engineering team envisions its first model will speed through the sky at 200 miles per hour, have a flying range of 110 miles per charge and a road range of 200 miles.

Bay Area start-up gets federal approval to test flying car

Have you ever heard of robot sea turtle! If not then keep reading. Roboticists at the university of Notre Dame developed robot sea turtles to guide the real baby sea turtles to the ocean, boosting the endangered species, chances of survival. This amazing technology not only could help sea turtles find their way to the sea, but it could also provide insights and help advance other areas of robotics ranging from space exploration to search and rescue efforts, according to experts.

Robot sea turtles helping the real ones



Until next time,The Xi Gang xx