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Written by Niki Tatalia

Keeping the #interactiverevolution alive, we are back with a brand new edition of Xi insights. In this edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting summer festival experiences, innovation and cultural themed insights guaranteed to get you excited to experience something new!

We know that AI is capable for anything at this point. So it is not a surprise that we can now have our own personalised perfume with the help of this very promising technology. By making a stop at the newest Perfume Flagship Shop in Oxford Street you will be able to try out their newest, interactive AI-guided ‘Algorithmic Perfumery’ experience that allows customers “to explore a new dimension of fragrance personalisation,” explains The Fragrance Shop to create personalised scents in-store. Now you can create a perfume as unique as you with the first ever AI – fragrance creation machine.

AI fragrance creation machine

Do you love exploring history and travelling? Well here is a budget friendly way to do so, with the new immersive inhibition on Notre Dame de Paris that opens this coming February at West Minster Abbey. Visitors will have the opportunity to enter this historical masterpiece with the help of a HistoPad that will be given to them and immerse themselves in this multi-sensory experience.

The Notre Dame de Paris immersive experience

Travellers braise your seats and get ready for these very exciting and promising news. Travelling is about to become a lot easier with the new high tech gates at the UK airports that will use advanced facial recognition technology for people arriving into the UK boarders. You forgot your passport at home? This will now be a problem of the past.

UK’s first high-tech airport gates

Are you a fun of art exhibitions? Then keep reading. A team at the University of Southapton has developed a way to bring any art exhibition that is happening around the world in the comfort of your own space.  With the help of  Virtual Reality technology users will be able to walk around and interact with the art around them. The technology uses 3D scanning drones and 360-degree cameras to capture imagery of an exhibition and build a virtual model.

VR art exhibition experience

We’ve seen AI resurrecting actors from the dead but now this is becoming a very profitable business as more and more people seek their loved ones that have passed away through the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. Specifically in China has become very popular for mourners to create avatars of their departed and to find comfort watching them talk to them, like they are still alive.

AI resurrecting the dead


Until next time,The Xi Gang xx