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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Ghouls just want to have fun, which is why this month we’re back with a very spooky edition of our classic 5 in 1. To get you halloween ready we’re bringing you 5 interactive halloween themed ideas in 1 minutes, guaranteed to raise your spirits and help you lose the resting witch face!

1. Stranger Things Levitation Video

Keep running up that hill with this Stranger Things experience. Using a green-screen floor and a snap mask filter, users will be levitating in the air as we drop in a flooring background to make them appear like they’re being drawn up into the sky. Users will receive a piece of takeaway content to their personal email address, so they can download and share with all their friends!

2. Apple Bobbing

Everyone’s favourite halloween past-time – apple bobbing! Using head tracking technology users navigate from apple to apple, catching as many as they can as they move across the screen to rack up points for the leaderboard. Be sure to avoid the rotten apples, or your score will go down! Our overlay will make it seem as if users really do have their head in a bucket, bobbing for apples. Users will receive their bobbing videos to share far and wide, whilst their score heads to the board.

3. Ghostbusters Tik-Tok Video

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters is everyone’s favourite halloween film and now you can become a Ghostbuster yourself. Head into our Tik-Tok booth and strike your best dancing moves. We will cut it into a Tik-Tok style video with you as Ghostbuster wearing our snap-mask uniform. Users will be able to scan a QR code and download their video straight to their phone.

4. Trick or Treat Changing Room Door

‍Enter into our tricky changing room experience to try your luck for a treat. Hit the button to open our changing room doors and see whether you’re in luck, or lucked out. A treat will get you a discount voucher for your next shopping trip. A trick will get you a little wet as the booth squirts out water at you!

5. Zombie Takeover

Retail stores controlled by zombies!!! Users step into a photo-booth to snap their spookiest zombie selfie using our zombie filter. The content is then submitted to the store playlist where it will take over the stores windows and internal displays at random times throughout the day. Users can also download or print their selfie as a take-away souvenir from their store visit!

Looking for help in creating a spooky experience this halloween? Drop us a message today!