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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Like most of the UK, you and all of your customers are probably fearing your long overdue summer holiday will yet again be postponed this summer. We are finally getting a sense of normality back, but the potential for a summer holiday still seems somewhat uncertain.

In this April edition of 5in1, we are bringing the summer holidays home with 5 interactive summer holiday experiences in 1 minute!

Fake Tanning booth

Who doesn’t love a summer glow? With the take tanning booth users can replicate their holiday tan by creating a video of themselves displaying the perfect (or not so perfect) holiday suntan.

Depending quite how bronzed they want to go, users can turn a dial on the app for the strength of the tan they want…

• Slightly tanned

• Strongly tanned

• Burnt

Users can then record a video message, and send it to friends or share on social.

Holiday Roulette

With this holiday roulette, users can trust our holiday algorithm to tell them where they should be on holiday right now. Or, take inspiration for their first COVID-free holiday!

It’s simple, we just record a video of the background changing until it stops on a destination.

We then take the selected destination image, and style it as a funny, vintage postcard.

The user can then share their own unique, personalised piece of content across their social channels, just so they don’t forget their next holiday destination!

Pack for Holiday Memory Game

The pack for holiday memory game provides a little light hearted fun for your guests. Users get 30 seconds to memorise all the items on the bed they need to pack for holiday.

Your users then have to tap and choose which items they can remember.  Gaining points for correct items and losing points for incorrect items. Perfect practice for when we can finally pack for real!

Fake it, ’til you take it holiday reel

If your users can’t make it on holiday, you can help them fake it! Using this multiple photobooth, the users can take a mix of selfies – a straight face pose, a happy pose and a party time pose.

Using our clever technology, we then build a 15 second reel making up their holiday story.

Going through the full holiday journey, the story starts zooming out from a passport photo (straight face pose). The story then zooms into a beach above a windbreaker (happy face), and finally as the sun goes down, we cut to an evening cocktail scene (party face)!

Taking personalisation that step further, we can also use the content to create a set of printed postcards as a take-away!


We can help you bring a surfing experience to your guests without them even having to set a toe in water! This in-store experience uses computer vision so the user can ride waves in our surf game, avoiding dolphins, buoys and other obstacles.

At the same time as playing, we film them and drop in the surf scene behind them to create a fun, shareable story. Users can take their own content away with them on a mobile device that they can then send to friends or share across social media!