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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Xi insights goes stateside…

Following our launch into the US, we’re excited to expand our monthly Xi insights feature with a US edition. In this first US edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting experiences, innovation and cultural themed insights based in America.

Harry Potter fans can visit this forbidden forest experience having the chance to interact with technology powered harry potter animals, they can also use tech to cast spells & journey through the enchanted forest. With special effects, lights and sounds the Wizard world comes to life ready to work its magic to the Harry Potter fans who are going to meet in person all the magical creatures and become part of the story.

Harry Potter travels to the US

Snap Inc recently announced it would release a full pre-game augmented reality (AR) experience for this year’s National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl LVI event. Cooperating with global brands, the Super Bowl debut will allow these brands to promote their brands with immersive AR adverts and experiences that will guarantee to improve the audience experience like no one has done before.

Elevating The Super Bowl Experience

As part of the US military’s investment, pilots for the first time will get to fly in the air and practice manoeuvring against imitations of highly advanced aircraft made by countries like China and Russia. How is this going to work? Well with the billion investment into virtual reality, artificial intelligence and algorithms that will modernise the way the US fights wars. This technology will be a safe, cheap and realistic training solution that will ensure to prepare American pilots to battle the best planes in the world.

American air force joins the VR & AR world

Yes you heard right! Another luxury brand will be joining the Metaverse world. Burberry will drop a capsule collection of clothing featuring 8-bit graphics inspired by the Minecraft universe. This collaboration will offer the so-called phygital experience. This is one of many brands finding ways to innovate in the metaverse. The next step is creating activities in this space.

Luxury Brand Burberry Enters the Metaverse

The time has come where robots are taking over not the world, for now, but the food delivery industry. Grubhub and Starship Technologies are teaming up to provide innovative robot delivery services on college campuses across the US. Many students agree that the robots are convenient as it has improved the dining experience wherever they are in the campus; the library, their dorm, academic halls or other buildings within the campus.

Taking food delivery to the next level

Until next time,The US Xi Gang xx