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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Keeping the #interactiverevolution alive, we are back with a brand new edition of Xi insights. In this edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting experiences, innovation and cultural themed insights guaranteed to get you excited for the year ahead…

Throughout this year, Gorillaz, the world’s biggest virtual band, and leading real-time animation specialists Nexus Studios, used our ARCore Geospatial API to reimagine what’s possible. Bringing physical and digital content in an engaging way the Gorillaz’ AR world-scale immersive performance will be a life-time experience.

Live the Gorillaz experience

‍Samsung recently announced the launch of their new interactive exhibits that are going to take place across 29 locations, in order to connect with their fans and help them explore the latest Samsung innovative technology as well as giving them the opportunity to try out their newest products. The experience will include a variety of unique concepts that their fans will get the chance to explore and immerse themselves into the exciting world of Samsung.

Galaxy experience space

Who needs to go out and meet other people or even downloading Tinder in their mobile phone? Apparently AI wives are the future. A man created virtual Wife using AI bot chatgpt. There has been an explosion of people using open AI’s chat bot chatgpt that has led to a revolution of creativity for the masses.

Make your own AI wife

‍Are you sick of calling your bank and having to wait long hours on the phone? We all wish we had someone to do just that. Now you can with the ”robot lawyer”. The robot lawyer can now mimic your voice to make calls to customer support on your behalf.

Meet your robot lawyer

Have you ever walked down the street and suddenly a very familiar smell took you back to a childhood memory or the day of your wedding day? Just a simple smell such as the smell of cookies, a perfume or the wet soil after the rain could bring back to life memories that are locked in the limbic system in our brains and can simply get unlocked just with that smell. And that’s what OVR technology did. They made scent digital. With OVR’s new technology your digital experiences can become more immersive emotional and effective than ever before!

Unlock memories with digital scent

‍What if we told you that you can now type anything you want on your computer without the use of a keyboard or even draw a shape of an object on the screen when touching an object? Well what if we told you that this is now possible! By simply spraying conductive liquid onto the skin a mesh of electronic circuits is printed on the hand.

Smart Skin Technology is the future


Until next time,The Xi Gang xx