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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Keeping the #interactiverevolution alive, we are back with a brand new edition of Xi insights. In this edition we are bringing you an array of new and exciting experiences, innovation and cultural themed insights guaranteed to get you excited for the year ahead…

A Metaverse train tour experience will be taking place at the France 2023 Rugby World Cup where fans will be able to enjoy a VR experience using a Meta Quest headset. The rugby fans will then be able to transfer instantly at the nine Rugby Villages set up in the nine host sites of the France 2023 Rugby World Cup and get to sing the Marseillaise together with the avatars of the French team. Each fan will be able to select their own unique avatar as well as rugby accessories at the entrance of the train. Fans are welcome to use their AR locker rooms which are both physical and virtual and they get to find a variety of costumes using AR filters on Instagram.

A digital dive into the Rugby World Cup

Life-sized Lego models will be taking over central London where locals and tourists will be able to interact with them using Snap’s ‘’City Landmarker’’ AR technology. By scanning a QR code or a.. Snapcode, with a Snapchat camera or a Snapchat Lens Carousel users will then be able to unlock the experience and dive into the immersive experience of Lego City right in the heart of London. Innovative technology together with the classic Lego brick will undoubtedly bring the Lego experience to a whole new different level. Don’t miss it!

LEGO takes over London City

With more and more brands bringing the digital world to their physical space Walmart decided to enter the Metaverse world with Roblox experiences targeting young shoppers. Featuring virtual music festivals with the hottest artists, a variety of games and even store merchandise Walmart is trying to experiment with new techniques to reach a younger audience. Incorporating social media into the mix and hosting big platforms such as Tik Tok, Twitter and Youtube, the leading retailer is aiming to encourage customer interaction with the products by seeing them come to life in the virtual world. An innovative way that keeps the brand relevant and exposed to the new generation of shoppers.

Walmart enters the Metaverse world

Who told you learning can’t be fun. Students at the Aerozone Stansted, can now experience a unique way of learning with a variety of interactive experiences that teach students about aerodynamics and principles of flight. This is an innovative way that encourages students to consider aviation careers when they finish school. With the power of aviation-themed classroom technology, children are now able to get a feeling on how it is to work in the airline industry. Combining classic methods of teaching with advanced technology, students can now dive into the immersive experience of learning whilst having fun at the same time. An educational hub that aims to inspire the next generation of aviation talent!

Take off with interactivity

What would you say if we told you that you could turn your excrement into ashes in order to help the environment and those in need? Well now you can. Samsung has invented a safe and environmentally friendly toilet that does just that. Launched by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2011 the prototype toilet not only helps billions of people with no access to sanitation systems but it is also energy efficient as the system enables the treated water to be fully recycled. This can be a game changer for developing nations that can save thousands of lives around the globe.

The future is down the toilet

Nvidia’s latest AI model, GET3D, is designed to speed up the creation of 3D content. The model can output many textured 3D meshes in seconds, which can be used seamlessly in standard graphics engines. A single 2D image is all that is needed as input. The expert team of Nvidia has developed a to step generation process that the geometry branch generates the polygon mesh with any desired topology.

Generate 3D model from 2D image

Until next time,The Xi Gang xx