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7- December-2022

5 IN 1 Coachella EDITION

Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Are you excited for the upcoming sports events this summer? This month our 5 in 1 focus is about the sports events! These 5 next ideas will guarantee to unleash your attendees’ competitive spirit for this year’s ultimate Sports Showdown!

1. Batac Game

Test their reflexes with the Batak game. Based on the traditional bleep test, users have to dash between buttons as quickly as possible before the timer runs out. User’s scores are added to a leader board. This is a great way to on getting as many people as possible to take part and enjoy themselves. 

2. Hang Tough Game

Get ready to Hang Tough and conquer the challenge! Players need to scan a QR code to start and their name will appear on screen. By taking hold of the bar, the players’ weight triggers the timer. The timer then plays on screen above bar so that is it visible to spectators. Once the player drops and the timer is stopped and the scores are added to the leader board!

3. The Standing Jump

Reach New Heights with the Standing Jump activation. The rules are simple; Jump as high as you can. Players need to scan a QR code to start. By using a large touch screen, users must jump and hit the touchscreen at the highest point they can reach. Their name will then be added to the leader board with the point they hit.

4. Hide and Seek

Unleash the fun at your sports event with our Hide and Seek activation. Users can explore their surroundings as they embark on a thrilling, augmented reality adventure. Participants use their phone to track and collect items which give them discount codes they can activate in stores. Perfect to get the excitement going at you event!

5. Social media photo contest

Finally – why not have a sports day themed gallery wall? Encourage people to take photos of themselves attending the event or supporting their favourite team and share them on social media with a specific hashtag. Offer a prize for the best photo, and display the photos on a social media wall during the event. Not only your attendees can have an unforgettable time at you event but also you will be able to gather valuable data on their audience which they can  use to improve your next sports event.

Looking for help in creating exciting sports event experiences this summer? Drop us a message today!