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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Summer is here, and we are ready! To celebrate the long awaited arrival of summer we are bringing you a carnival themed 5 in 1…Are you heading to a carnival or festival this summer, looking for ways to stand out. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Get your cotton candy ready because we’ve got 5 interactive Carnival experiences in 1 minute!

1. Digital House of Mirrors

Bring the house of mirrors to your next interactive experience!

‍Exactly like a house of mirrors, our app will distort, warp and transform the user’s face and body to give them unusual, confusing and somewhat humorous reflections of themselves. The users will be able to select from a range of mirrored effects. This app can be used as a bit of fun for the user to interact with or users can video themselves to create a piece of content that they can download and share on socials.

2. AR Carnival Costume

Get guests involved in the glitz and glamour of the carnival. Let users digitally dress up in a variety of magical carnival inspired headdresses and face paints. Users will be able to select which headdress they would like to wear and can take pictures with a coinciding background and overlay. Users can pose for a picture or dance for a video that can be branded, perfect for sharing on Tik-Tok and Instagram reels.

3. Carnival Beats Box

Let you visitors create their own carnival beats. In a dance machine style, users can stamp away on the buttons that will play different carnival beats. As a team or individually, users play around with the  different buttons to create their own piece of music.

The video content will be recorded and overlaid with fun graphics and branding. Once users have reviewed their content they can easily purchase their content on the machine and the content will instantly be send to their email.

4. Knock Em’ Down

Visitors can use the video screen unit to play a tin can style game, controlled by moving their head using motion tracking. After watching the on screen instructions, players have 30 seconds to make the flying ball knock as many tin cans down as they can before the time runs out! User’s scores will be added to a leader board and users will be able to download a video of their attempt.

5. Digital Cocktail Generator  

The cocktail generator picks the perfect cocktail for your guest. User chooses ‘this’ or ‘that’ from a selection of questions and our app calculates which cocktail would be perfect for the user’s taste buds.

Throughout the activation the user will take videos and picture that are stitched together to make a video of the user making the cocktail. Once the users cocktail has been generated they can chose it’s name and add it to the gallery wall.