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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland returned for 2021, and they were looking to install a fun packed experience in their ‘Santa Land’. Terry Twinkletoes, the dancing elf was born. Terry was set inside a photobooth as the star of a tik-tok style dance off. Visitors simply watched Terry perform his 3 routines before recreating them to a hip-hop jingle bells soundtrack. The dance off booth proved to be fun for the whole family with an average of 1 video being recorded every 5 minutes and an average of 900 videos per week.

Harrods christmas window QR codes

Harrods are challenging passers by to witness a Christmas spectacle in their window display. The department store has filled their windows with static displays centred around traditional feasting tables ranging from all-green marine life, to diamond-encrusted wine bottles and tall macaron towers. Though the displays are still, they are easily brought to life through the simple scan of a QR code displayed in the window. The code brings the display to life, and extends into the store itself where customers can find more QR codes to scan providing festive filters and animations.

Moon pig Joys of christmas 

To align with their TV Christmas campaign, ‘Joys of Christmas’, this year Moonpig have created their first AR featuring a mini-game to showcase the gifts available this festive season. The AR experience provides users with the chance to place a virtual Santa sack in their living room, then use their fingers to catch gifts that fall from the ceiling and land in the sack. At the end of playing the game users can then take photos and selfies using the Moonpig effects before sharing their content on social media.

Kaleidoscope Christmas tree

‘This is Loop’ have installed ‘Prism’ an immersive Christmas tree in the centre of London at Coal Drop Yard for the Kings Cross Estate. The 28ft light up tree installation is covered in mirrors that are embedded with strips of multicoloured lights. The prism is designed to signify unity and strength for all users. A kaleidoscopic space filled with endless reflections of light and colour runs through the centre of the install to offer a fully immersive experience.


As part of their Christmas campaign, Vodafone wanted to create a giant smartphone where users could pledge their old devices to fight tech poverty. Xi created a ‘pledge pad’ housed in a giant LED christmas present on London’s Southbank. The pad featured a sign-up app to collect users addresses for Vodafone to send bags to collect users’ old tech. The pad also featured a 3D Santa snapmask for users to generate their own content.

The pledge pad proved very popular with 230 pledges taking place to donate a total of 370 devices this christmas. The booth snapped over 200 pieces of personalised, sharable content of which 94% was downloaded.