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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Edition #4

Welcome back to the latest edition of Xi Insights – a newsletter dedicated to bringing you the latest interactive news and encouraging the #interactiverevolution

At Xi, our in-house creative team always have their eyes peeled for the next big thing. Our team is constantly discovering places that have started their own interactive revolutions.

We are dedicated to finding new technology that has the potential to change interactions, and consumer behaviour trends that can impact our live experiences so we can bring them straight to you.

Inspired by Emma Radacanu’s victory at the US Open? Decathlon have launched a pop-up experience between June and September offering users the chance to play tennis like their favourite pros at Wimbledon. This unique application means the gap between Virtual Reality and real tennis on a court is incredibly close, making VR not only an exciting game but also the most advanced training device from the beginner to pro.

Channel your inner Emma Raducanu

London studio Alphabetical has designed a suite of interactive elements for Thamesmead, located in South East London, in an effort to engage local communities with the environment. The wayfinding and AR app experience hopes to bring Thamesmead nature reserve to life and encourage children to engage with their surrounding environment and natural wildlife.

Take a tour round Thamesmead Nature Reserve…

Remember going for your school shoe fitting with the weird foot contraption? Well those are the days of the past. Under Armour have opened a new Dubai flagship store lined with an extensive range of AI Technology. Within the store Under Armour have installed their new 3D foot-scanner that utilises AI technology to offer customers a 360º degree foot scan to help them find the best shoe to meet their needs.

Find your perfect shoes…

Forget your regular 2D screen, Ocean have launched a new 3D technique across its estate to bring screens to life. Using ‘anamorphosis’, Ocean have brought screens to life with objects on the screen being brought to life and floating in mid-air across impressive locations like Londons Piccadilly Lights. This innovation brings the 3D experience into the everyday life of people who would only usually encounter it through specific experiences…

Experience life in 3D…

Have you always wanted to experience your video games in real life? Well now you can! We recently teamed up with Chaos Karts to bring their new pop-up experience in Londons Shoreditch to life. Chaos Karts gives racers the chance to battle it out just like Mario Kart, but in real life. Players zoom around the track picking up goodies and trying to release weapons they have collected at their opponents to beat them on the leaderboard!

Play Mario Kart in real life…

Facebook and Ray-Ban have teamed together to release a new and exciting pair of Stories smart glasses – and don’t worry, they’re way more affordable than the Snapchat smart glasses! The glasses give users the chance to listen to their favourite podcasts as well as take photos and videos – and the best part? The smart voice assistant lets you do the whole thing hands-free!

Try the Facebook X Ray-Ban smart-glasses experience…