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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

Welcome back to our video series: 5in1. In this March edition the focus is on interactive socially safe experiences!

As the end of lockdown 3.0 is finally in sight, public spaces are looking to the future. Businesses are seeking ways to ensure their spaces are safe and we have 5 suggestions…

QR Visitor Management

With a dedicated platform your guests can sign up ahead of your event, generating their own QR code that gains them access to the site, allows them to purchase products and interact with experiences.

The pre-event registration aspect of this experience helps create a safe and hygienic environment for your guests, minimising their physical contact and interaction due to using their own personal devices!

Motion Triggered Photo Capture

Reducing point of contact, but increasing interactivity is made simultaneously possible through our motion triggered photo capture. With simple hand or body gestures, our clever technology can capture multiple images, change filters and add backgrounds.

Virtually Together Photo Experience

We know, it’s difficult being apart – especially during the important moments, but now with our virtually together photo experience your clients don’t have to be. Your guests can still get those much loved group pics whilst we wait for social distancing to ease. 

Using our virtually together photo experience your guests can physically and digitally snap images that can be combined together to make one big group picture that can be shared anywhere!

Virtual Queuing

In the UK we have got Queuing down to a T, and our virtual queuing system just made it a whole lot better. Keep your events safe for your guests with social distancing compliant queuing by using our interactive system. 

Your visitors simply have to scan a QR code which will give them a time to return so they can enter, and enjoy their free time whilst they wait!

Mobile Ordering & Payments

Using their own phones your guests can fully interact with all of your services without the dangers of coming into contact with a contaminated space. With a dedicated platform your guests can make mobile payments to buy credits and products which can then be collected using a mobile QR code or RFID band.