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7- December-2022


Written by (Georgina Stronach)

We’ve been a little quiet recently, squirrelling away and working hard on some very exciting projects. We’ve been up to a lot over the course of May, and just to keep you up to date we’ve got 6 of our highlights here;

The Producers x LEGO

Currently live this week at Westfields, we provided a portable photo-booth for BA to capture users at the stand enjoying the new Lego products. We also provided tablets for the play tables to help inspire the kid’s imagination as they build the Lego.


SEEN Presents x TikTok

Partnered with SEEN Presents, Xi created a Becky Hill themed video-booth experience for the #TikTokBackstage Concert during Advertising Week! Becky Hill fans were able to create a backstage video with Becky where they answered who their dream festival line up is!

Retail Technology Show

Working with our sister company inurface media we were excited to take some of our permanent installs and mix them up for a temporary show. Creating the #BEATTHEBOT challenge, we challenged all visitors to jump as high as they could, replicating our Nike X Micheal Jordan Jump Booth, and throw as many balls into assorted holes as possible – inspired by our Twickenham BA Ball challenge.

DPR Demo

Xi love showcasing our interactive experiences to our clients to let them try out our innovations for themselves. Hosted at DRP Group’s Head Office in Birmingham, we were able to demonstrate our efficient registration system, portable photo-booth which was linked to a projected Social Wall and – of course – the crowd favourite Jump Booth, unluckily no-one was able to bet our current record.

IRIS Software

At this year’s Accountex we provided an interactive calculator for IRIS’s exhibition stand. Users would fill in their Company’s VAT information and our calculator worked out how much extra time they would need after the new tax legislation comes in. This interactive calculator is now being integrated into IRIS’s website to demonstrate to users how much time IRIS can save them.


2022 marks the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. To mark the occasion we developed the online web-booth “QUEENIFYME”. Users can access the booth using a dynamic QR code, which transports them to the booth and encourages them to snap a selfie. Their selfie is then transformed into a Queenified video, which users can then download to share on social media.

The Xi Gang xx